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Willmarth Property Services


Lawn Care and Landscaping Services in Moseley, VA


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Unmatched Craftsmanship in Lawn Care

Our lawn care team, armed with substantial training and a commitment to innovation, continually updates our technology and methods. This dedication to growth sets us apart, ensuring every project we undertake showcases superior quality and craftsmanship.

Safety and Assurance Guaranteed

Each team member is fully licensed and insured, providing you with a worry-free experience. Our comprehensive insurance, including liability and workers' compensation, safeguards against any potential job-site incidents, giving you peace of mind when choosing our services.

Expert Lawn Care - Customized for Excellence

Our expertise in lawn care is unparalleled, with a deep technical knowledge applied to every aspect of lawn maintenance and design. We understand that each lawn has unique needs, and we tailor our services to meet those specific requirements, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your landscape.

Landscaping Excellence for Lasting Value

Avoid the hidden costs of hiring the wrong contractor, which can double your expenses. Our approach balances quality workmanship with fair pricing, ensuring you get the best value. We prioritize doing the job right the first time, preventing costly future repairs and ensuring your peace of mind.


Lawn Care and Landscaping Mastery: Our Service Lineup

Meet our lawn care and landscaping services that are crafted to elevate every inch of your green space.


Keep your lawn pristine and thriving with our comprehensive Lawn Maintenance Services. From regular mowing to fertilization, we cover all aspects of lawn care, ensuring a lush, healthy green space.


Our Lawn Care Services are designed to nurture your lawn's health from the roots up. We focus on soil health, disease prevention, and perfect grass growth, providing a solid foundation for a stunning lawn.


Dive into a world where your outdoor space is transformed with our landscaping services. We specialize in landscape renovations, providing detailed trimming, pruning, and expertly installing mulch and rocks. Our services include thorough spring and fall cleanups, ensuring your landscape remains immaculate throughout the year.


Our Tree and Shrub Services ensure the health and beauty of your woody plants. From strategic pruning to pest and disease management, we keep your trees and shrubs in peak condition


Tackle winter's challenges with our Snow and Ice Management services. We provide timely snow removal and ice control, ensuring your property is safe and accessible throughout the colder months.


Willmarth Property Services

Our Story Is Rooted in Excellence

We’re not just landscapers; we’re architects of outdoor tranquility. Our journey in crafting beautiful, sustainable green spaces is driven by a passion for nature and a commitment to excellence. Every lawn, garden, and outdoor area we touch is treated as a canvas, where our expertise in lawn mowing, flower care, and meticulous pruning paints the picture of perfection.

Our lawn health services are the backbone of thriving landscapes. We delve deep into the science of soil health and plant care, ensuring each blade of grass and every leaf flourishes. Through tailored fertilization, vigilant weed control, and proactive pest management, we maintain the vibrancy of your lawn across all seasons.

Functionality meets beauty in our approach. Beyond the lush lawns and blooming gardens, we focus on the practicality of your outdoor space. From ensuring the health of trees and shrubs to keeping winter walkways safe with efficient snow and ice management, we blend aesthetic appeal with everyday functionality.

Experience the Willmarth Difference

Our Mission

In our pursuit of green excellence, we aim to harmonize nature’s beauty with every client’s vision. We’re dedicated to cultivating lush, vibrant landscapes while upholding environmental responsibility and unparalleled craftsmanship. Each lawn, tree, and garden we nurture is a testament to our commitment to green elegance and sustainable living.


The Willmarth Way - Our Promise To You

A lush, well-tended landscape does more than just beautify your home—it enriches your daily living experience. At Willmarth Property Services, we’re dedicated to crafting and maintaining your personal outdoor retreat with affordability and excellence as our guiding principles. Here’s what sets us apart:

High Quality Services

Exceptional Lawn Expertise

Trust in our lawn service expertise to deliver unparalleled quality. With top-tier equipment and extensive training, our team ensures your lawn is a showcase of care and precision.

Affordable Service

Value-Oriented Pricing

We believe everyone deserves a beautiful lawn, so we offer diverse services at various prices. Regardless of budget, we're committed to crafting a perfect plan for you.

Expert Technical Support

Knowledgeable Lawn Care Guidance

Your lawn care questions and concerns are our top priority. Our experts are at your service, ready to share their knowledge and ensure your landscape flourishes.

Attentive Customer Relation

Attentive Customer Relations

We place your satisfaction at the forefront of our services. Our friendly team is always on standby, eager to support and address any inquiries with a smile.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Innovative Lawn Solutions

Stay ahead with our innovative approaches to lawn care. We continuously adapt, using the latest methods to keep your lawn healthy and thriving.

Seasonal Lawn Preparation

Seasonal Lawn Preparation

We're proactive in preparing your lawn for the changing seasons. From spring renewal to fall readiness, we ensure year-round lawn perfection.


Eco-Conscious Practices

Our eco-friendly services are designed to protect the environment while enhancing your lawn. We use sustainable practices for a greener tomorrow.

Warranty Available

Comprehensive Landscape Care

From the smallest plantings to the largest hardscapes, our all-encompassing care ensures every detail of your landscape is managed with expertise.

Dedicated to Crafting Lush Landscapes and Perfect Lawns with Precision, Care, and a Commitment to Excellence in Every Service We Deliver



Growing Across Virginia: Our Service Regions

We’re passionate about bringing top-tier lawn and landscape services to every corner of our community. From bustling cityscapes to serene suburban retreats, our commitment to cultivating greenery knows no bounds. No matter where you are, we bring our expertise and dedication right to your doorstep, ensuring every lawn we touch turns into a slice of paradise.


Hear from Our Happy Clients

Discover the experiences of those who’ve entrusted us with their lawns.
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Glimpses of Green Glory

Step into our gallery and witness the artistry of our work in every frame. Here, each photo is a testament to the meticulous care and vibrant results we deliver, showcasing the diverse tapestry of landscapes we’ve had the pleasure of enhancing.
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