Avoiding a Water Problem

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This blog will discuss water issues that may occur on your lawn, landscape, or property. Here at Kustom Lawn Kare, we wanted to provide you with as much information and support as possible. 

We also have a connection to the blog in terms of service. Kustom Lawn Kare offers a critical drainage service! As you continue to read this blog, you’ll understand just how important that service can be. We also are lawn care providers and want to make sure your lawn is cared for properly, so we want to discuss any issues you and your lawn can face this year. 

 This blog will discuss the topics of: 

  • How watering your lawn can be a problem.
  • The benefits of a drainage system.
  • Why hire a professional for these services?

What is the number one lawn care mistake people make?

We know watering your lawn seems like a simple and easy task, but in fact, people make the most mistakes when it comes to watering their lawn. 

Did you know that the number one lawn care mistake people make is incorrectly watering their lawn? 

The reason behind this is most likely due to the fact that there are two possible ways to make a mistake here. You can actually over-water your lawn, or you can under-water your lawn! 

What is the correct amount of water required for your lawn?

One inch of water is recommended for your lawn each week. The issue that arises is that rainfall has to be included in that inch for the week. This is probably the primary factor in the watering problem. People, due to no fault of their own, water their lawn as they should. However, they do not factor in the rainfall amounts for the week. 

Most people are not going to monitor rainfall. However, simple things like catching the totals on the news or looking up the rainfall for the week before watering should help this issue. If you get in the habit of checking these numbers, it becomes easier to remember to do so!  

How can I keep track of water amounts on my lawn?

One way to keep track of water amounts on your lawn is to check your property for water buildup or dryness. Whatever the results are in your search, you will know the next thing that needs to be done to your lawn. If your lawn has water buildup, then it was being overwatered, so do not continue to add more water to it. You may also want to sweep the water away or find a way to bring that water to your drainage system if you have one. You want to sweep it off your lawn at least because the buildup of water could lead to things like lawn disease and pests. 

If your lawn happens to be too dry, this will occur more often in the summer, it means your lawn did not get enough water. The obvious next step here is to water your lawn. In the summer months, you should water your lawn during the day in order for it to be absorbed during the afternoon. You do not want your property to still be wet during the night. A wet lawn at night tends to breed diseases and attract unwanted pests and insects. 

Lawn disease occurs when the lower and cooler temperatures combine with your already wet lawn, and enough time wasn’t allowed for it to dry or absorb the water. When you go to water the following day, then you run the risk of overwatering your lawn or causing water buildup. 

The process mentioned above proves that you have to continuously check on your lawn to ensure you are maintaining it correctly and that your turf is thriving and healthy. 

If your lawn is unhealthy and full of disease, the rest of your landscape will not be able to prosper and flourish for the entire season or potentially the year, killing your landscape altogether. 

What are some solutions to these water problems?

This is where having a proper drainage system is beneficial to your property. Having a drainage system installed will help eliminate some of the problems that can occur. 

Now, let us clearly state that a drainage system will not help when it comes to over-watering or under-watering a lawn. But it will, however, help with some problems that arise from those mistakes. A properly installed drainage system will eliminate puddles on your lawn and property. When water buildup is stopped, your lawn is less likely to have damage from disease and unwanted pests. 

Another solution is an irrigation system. You can go for the basic sprinkler system that will attach to a timer and water your lawn. You will, however, still need to track the water amounts, such as rainfall, on your property to decide to use the sprinkler system that day or not. 

Another irrigation option is a drip irrigation system that reads all the water amounts on your property and waters all your plant life with their needed water amounts. 

However, the number one solution to your watering problem is hiring a professional. We will make sure that your lawn is watered correctly, and if problems persist, we will install a proper drainage system to help with water buildup. Here at Kustom Lawn Kare, we provided both of those services.

Hiring professionals guarantee the job will be done perfectly, the first time! Drainage systems are not recommended to take on as DIY projects!  

If you are a resident of Olean, Cuba, Cuba Lake, NY, or their local areas, call the professionals at Kustom Lawn Kare care for your lawn and drainage service today! Do not forget to ask us about our other lawn maintenance and landscaping services as well! 

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