The Importance of Weed Control on Your Property This Summer!

This is the time of year that you need to care for your lawn during its peak seasons of spring and summer. We want to do our part at Kustom Lawn Kare to provide as much help and support as we can to make sure your lawn is healthy, stable, thriving and will be available […]

Everything You Need to Know About Dead Patches and Bald Spots

This week’s blog will discuss specific types of issues that may show up this spring season on your lawn, things such as dead patches or the dreaded bald spots. Some people do not know how to handle these types of issues on their lawn, so we figured we should write a blog to help them […]

Lawn Services You Must Get Done Before Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is speedily approaching. It is the first gigantic event of the “summer” season and a statement that says you are eagerly anticipating the hot weather this summer.  Of course, more often than not, Memorial Day is the first gigantic BBQ of the year. We all know that in New York, we do things […]

Everything You Need to Know about French Drainage

Drainage can make or break your property. Excess water can lead to excess problems you’ll want to be resolved immediately. Here at Kustom Lawn Kare, we offer a very effective French drainage service. Since many people do not understand how this service works, we thought that this week’s blog should discuss all things involved in […]

Why Is It Important to Trim Your Hedges and Shrubs?

This week’s blog will discuss the importance of hedge and shrub trimming. It is an essential service for your landscape and happens to be a service we offer here at Kustom Lawn Kare.  We know that a well-manicured landscape looks amazing but requires work. Especially when you or your guests feel like your hedges or shrubs […]

The Top 4 Lawn Care Mistakes You Can Make This Spring!

The season is here! The season to watch your lawn flourish and bloom and continue to thrive throughout the next six-plus months. However, some people make crucial mistakes while caring for their lawn and prevent their property from flourishing! We realize that many people tend to start the spring by getting their lawn ready DIY style. […]

Avoiding a Water Problem

This blog will discuss water issues that may occur on your lawn, landscape, or property. Here at Kustom Lawn Kare, we wanted to provide you with as much information and support as possible.  We also have a connection to the blog in terms of service. Kustom Lawn Kare offers a critical drainage service! As you […]

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